Enhancing Anal Play Experience | Tips for Smoother Pleasure

We recently had a client come through our customer care portal looking for lubricant to assist with anal play describing her current experiences as “excruciatingly painful” with her partner. In this case products do exist to assist with reducing sensitivity but there is no magic cure per say. Now we are happy to share experiences that have led to anal experiences being far smoother and more pleasurable. This relates to either gender and are aimed at those looking to dive deeper into anal play.

  • Just relax: Just make sure you go with the flow. Being tense and stressed during the experience only makes for a tense experience. Having fun with anal play is paramount!

  • Anal training and foreplay:You shouldn’t just dive right in. Working your way up with anal sex is hugely important. Rimming and anal foreplay is a great way to start and having some butt toys is an exciting experience. Ask us how you can get either a start or move to the next level with your experiences as everybody is different.

  • What if he pulls his penis out and it’s dirty?This is a hugely common question and from experienced partakers there are a couple of answers to this. Number 1: If you are looking to do anal then you must understand the possibility of this is likely and you must be ok with it. Number 2: Preparation is key, clean your backside prior to eradicate this possibility as much as possible. If you and your partner are not ok with the possibility of it being ‘dirty’ then this will only result in anxiety and tension in our before mentioned points. That then brings u to the next point…

  • A supportive partner:Communication is very important and being vocal prior will ensure a smoother experience. Voicing anything that potentially is a pain point or you’re self conscious about is a great start.

  • Be prepared!This one is a no brainer, a good quality lubricant is going to be a step in the right direction. Silicone based lubes are a great way to go as they are not absorbed by the body and meaning re-application isn’t necessary. Water based lubes are generally sticky and not as dense making them a less productive item for butt play.

  • Get to know your own butt through self-exploration:Understanding your body is going to allow you to know your limitations. We are a great advocate for females and males to know your own capabilities so this can then be communicated. Just another way to release that anxiety and tension also.

  • Anal sex is pleasurable:Anal sex mostly is associated with pain and discomfort when this does not have to be the case. Anal sex is highly pleasurable and one just needs to understand their pain signals to ensure a smoother experience. Anal tears, bleeding and difficulties going to the toilet are only some of the issues that can occur by ignoring this. Anal tightness and fullness is normal, however if pain is felt your body will thank you for slowing down or simply stopping.

If you would like to know how our products can help you just drop us a question and we will be happy to assist you J.