Gay Dildos

Gay Dildos

Discover a world of pleasure with our fantastic collection of Gay Dildos, available only at Sex Toy Australia. These special toys are designed to bring you incredible sensations and satisfy your deepest desires. Explore a range of dildos that satisfy your desires. Whether you seek deep penetration or fulfilling fullness, we have the perfect selection.

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Get ready to explore new excitement levels as you enjoy the fantastic sensations our Gay Dildos offer. Each dildo is carefully made to give you the most pleasure possible so you can have an unforgettable experience. With different sizes, shapes, and textures, you can find the perfect dildo to make you feel fantastic. Let your fantasies come alive, and enjoy the incredible pleasure our Gay Dildos can bring.


Immerse yourself in a lifelike experience with our Average Joe line. These dildos are designed to make you feel like you're being pleasured by a hot partner. From their lifelike balls to perfectly shaped knobs and veiny shafts, every detail is crafted for maximum satisfaction.

Gay men love our Average Joe dildos for their versatility. Not only are they waterproof, but they also feature strong suction cups that can even pull tiles off shower walls. With the added vibrating function, you can take your pleasure to new heights. Indulge in the ultimate stimulation and explore your desires with our incredible selection of Average Joe dildos.


Experience incredible pleasure with our selection of realistic dildos. They are made from top-quality materials so you can enjoy them with peace of mind. Our carefully chosen range features dildos that look and feel real. Whether you prefer a big black or white toy with veins and balls, our realistic dildos will leave you wanting more.

Experience intense pleasure and fulfil your deepest desires with our collection of heavy-hung realistic dildos. Designed to provide incredible sensations, these toys are a must-have addition to your collection. Explore new levels of pleasure and satisfy your cravings with our veiny, lifelike dildos. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more.


Explore our wide range of dongs in various sizes and shapes to suit your preferences. We have a perfect fit for everyone, from small dongs to large ones. Choose from super smooth, textured, realistic dongs designed to provide pleasure and satisfaction.

When adding a great dong to your collection, look no further. Our selection offers the perfect options for training and expanding your pleasure. Start with a smaller favourite and gradually work your way up to something bigger and more thrilling. Experience stretching and challenging your tight hole with our incredible dongs.


We have the largest dildos on the market, guaranteed to make your eyes water and stretch your hole to its extreme. If you crave a big, fat, long dildo, check out our LARGE range. Our large dildos are not for beginners but perfect for experienced adventurers seeking a thrilling new experience. If you want to work that hole with our large dildos, take your pick and order now.


Elevate your pleasure and indulge in the sophistication of our hand-crafted glass and steel dildos. These meticulously designed toys are a delight to use and a sight to behold. With their smooth textures and elegant aesthetics, they offer a unique and luxurious experience like no other.

Enhance your sensual exploration by experimenting with temperature play. Heat or cool these exquisite dildos for a thrilling new sensation to take your pleasure to the next level. Enhance your intimate moments with our elegant glass and steel dildos. Elevate your sex toy collection with sophistication and artistry.


Do you crave the intimate pleasure of your partner's penis whenever you desire, even when they're not around? Experience the ultimate in naughty and playful fun with our Clone-A-Willy Kit, available at Sex Toy Australia. Create an exact replica of your man's penis with this kit, and enjoy an intimate keepsake for endless pleasure.

With our Clone-A-Willy Kit, the process is both exciting and enjoyable. You can indulge in a playful adventure of cloning your partner's cock, capturing every intricate detail to create an exact replica. Keep their manhood close at hand with a unique and intimate toy. Enjoy a personalised experience that perfectly mirrors their sexy member.

But that's not all! With our Clone-A-Willy Kit, you can clone the penis of anyone you desire. Dive into your fantasies and add their seductive cocks to your toy collection, creating a treasure trove of pleasure and satisfaction.


If you enjoy anal play with your partner, our double-ended dongs and dildos are the ideal sex toys for you. You can both take turns being the receiver, engaging in exhilarating ass-to-ass action. Simply slide on either end and let your bodies do the work.

Our double dongs are made from top-quality materials and come in various lengths and widths to suit your preferences. Order the perfect size for you and your partner today and explore the exciting world of double-ended pleasure.


If you want an indescribable orgasm, our vibrating dildos will get you there faster than you have experienced before. Select the multi-speeds and functions that you control to get your party started.

Slide one in, and feel it vibrate deep inside you. Feel it tickle your prostate. Be cheeky and have the discreet pleasure of your vibrating dildo when you venture out fully clothed. It’s up to you; use your imagination and let the dildo do the rest.


You can’t always get fucked when you want, so why not purchase one of our expertly-designed sex machines. Lube yourself up, insert the dildo and let the machine do the rest. You’ll feel like you are being fucked hard by a real man pounding you over and over whenever you require.

The machine’s thrusting imitates hot gay action, which you will love and want. Get one for the best ride you’ve had in ages.


Discover a new dimension of pleasure with our extensive range of Strap-On Dildos. These naughty toys are designed to take your sex play to exhilarating heights. Our collection offers a variety of sizes and shapes to fulfil your desires. We have something for you, regardless of purpose, pleasure partner or passionate play.

We have meticulously sourced and curated the highest quality, best-looking, and most comfortable strap-on dildos for your satisfaction. Explore the diverse selection and find the perfect toy to fulfil your fantasies.

Unleash your desires and experience the intense pleasure that strap-on play can bring. Enhance your intimate connections and embrace the power of giving or receiving pleasure with our hot-looking strap-on dildos.

Don't wait any longer. Try one of our strap-on dildos today and unlock a world of pleasure and excitement in your sex play.


Experience ultimate control and pleasure with our specialised range of fisting toys for experienced individuals seeking intense sensations. Fisting is an intimate experience that some people find pleasurable, and we understand that. Whether you want to stretch your body or explore new sensations with a partner, we have the right toys.

Our fisting toys are designed with your comfort and safety in mind. They have been tested and are high quality, ensuring a satisfying experience. You can trust our toys to provide the pleasure you seek.

If you're curious about fisting and want to try it alone or with a partner, you've come to the right place. Our collection has a variety of toys to suit your needs and desires. Discover the exciting world of fisting and explore the depths of pleasure.