Anal Toys

Anal Toys

Looking to spice up your sex life or solo play? Look no further than Sex Toy Australia’s selection of anal toys!

From vibrating butt plugs to prostate massagers, we have everything you need to explore new levels of pleasure. Our range includes beginner strap-ons, anal training kits, butt plugs, and anal beads. Plus, we offer must-have cleansing kits such as douches and enemas.

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Anal Toys Products

We offer a range of textures, like spirals, twirls, and nodes, as well as smooth and ribbed options. They all provide intense sensations throughout your body to increase your pleasure.

Find Your New Favourite Toy from Our Large Selection

Discover new ways to enjoy your sex life or playtime by trying anal toys. Using the right toy can make anal stimulation pleasurable for everyone. Check out our collection of anal toys and accessories to make the experience even better and more satisfying.

Butt Plugs

Feeling confused about where to begin? Butt plugs are a favourite choice and can give you a special feeling that lasts for a long time. We have many types, from slim ones for beginners to bigger inflatable and vibrating ones for more intense feelings. Also, we have anal beads that can tease and make your orgasms even better!

Anal Beads

Enhance your sexual pleasure and explore new sensations with our selection of anal beads. Insert them during intimate moments for added pleasure. These toys are designed to give you a special feeling and can help you reach stronger orgasms.

We have many different glass anal beads that can be heated or cooled for a thrilling experience. Glass is a good choice because it looks nice and is easy to clean. You can try different sizes and textures to find what feels best.

Enemas and Douches

Enemas and anal douches are necessary for every anal enthusiast and should be used before every session. Our selection of anal douches and cleansing kits is designed to provide maximum comfort. These include enemas and douches which mould to your internal curves for an ultra-smooth experience.


Choose from a range of fun textures like spirals, twirls, and nodes, or smooth, ribbed. Extra textures create thrilling sensations all through your body and really can enhance pleasure.


If you want an even more thrilling experience, try our exciting selection of vibrating models. Work through the vibration modes and enjoy the mind-blowing stimulation as the thrilling vibrations pulsate through your body. You could even hand the controls over to your partner for an even more exciting time.


If you're new to anal toys and want more options, inflatable butt plugs are a good choice! They can be made smaller or bigger, so you can control how much you want to put inside. When you feel more comfortable, you can start with a smaller size and achieve a fuller feeling.


Our waterproof range of plugs has suction cups attached to the bottom for wild, wet, hands-free fun. Taking your toy into the bath or shower will never be the same.

Training Kits

If you want to get more serious about anal play, you should try our anal training kits. They can help you build strength and flexibility, so you can enjoy different sizes of anal toys and have more pleasure.

At Sex Toy Australia, we ship all orders directly from our warehouse in plain, opaque packaging for privacy and your discretion. So, explore our huge range of accessories and anal toys and intensify your orgasms and enhance your pleasure today!