Fleshjack male sex toys are created especially for gay men, otherwise known as the Fleshlight for Gay guys :) Made from patented real-feel SuperSkin, Fleshjacks are made to feel as near the real thing as possible, fulfilling all of your fantasies and desires. The aptly named FleshJack received its name due to its realistic-feeling, flesh-like sleeve, that is inside of the casing. This fleshy material is fully encased inside the device, which has been designed to resemble a typical household flashlight/torch.

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Original price was: $120.85.Current price is: $90.64.

Interactive Lifeforms, who are the manufacturers, recently released the Fleshjack as part of its introductory brand which is targeted to fulfil and sexually entice the gay male community. Personally, we feel the FleshJack does an amazing job at that. Topping our list of “Favourite Male Sex Toys” and considering how picky we are, this is no small feat. When choosing our top toys, we consider many things such as value, quality, affordability and overall experience. To the team, FleshJack hits the target on all of these.

After “deeper” research (no pun intended ?), we learned that the new and improved FleshJack is made to an exceptional standard, as the first release many years ago, we considered substandard. The FleshJack now has a good and sturdy casing that is obviously designed to take a vigorous pounding. Also, we found that the “Superkskin” does feel like real skin/flesh, or as close as humanly possible, as it can for being a synthetic material.

Every Fleshlight product offers something unique and as a result, they are one of the most popular sex toys for men thanks to their discrete appearance and realistic textured sleeve. Fleshlights are designed to duplicate the sensations of oral, vaginal and anal sex with lifelike openings and intense internal canals which are all cased in an ergonomic Fleshlight case, which has been designed for ease of use and its quality construction is designed to handle the toughest of pounding! Seriously, if you’ve never thought about using male masturbation or male sex toy to aid your solo play or group play, you will find a Fleshlight totally revolutionise your sexual experience. We are also happy to state we never got a whiff of that nasty chemical smell that can waft off some sex toys. Whilst the FleshJack is largely marketed to gay men, we have found it seems to appeal to just about anybody.

The FleshJack makers, Interactive Lifeforms, offer a huge variety of personal male masturbators which are modelled after some of our favourite male porn stars. On a camp note, they even have vampires, aliens, zombies, and a number of other fetishes–inspired “subcategories”. We especially love the fact that the Superskin material has been applied to all its newest models, which offers even the sexiest of us, that little bit of spice of life we so desperately need.

This very innocuous personal male masturbator also accessorises with several inner linings, each of which has a different texture – which ranges from gentle and smooth to rough and bumpy. We can absolutely see why FleshJack is the number one best-selling male pleasure product on the market right now.

So, what is our final verdict? …Without a doubt one of the best gay sex toys out there!

For your convenience we have listed the top ten things we love most about the new and improved FleshJack:

  • Much sturdier to take an extra pounding.
  • It has been designed to be easier to clean.
  • The new inner lining has been made from a special “Superskin” material that feels so real – seriously we were impressed.
  • Totally compatible with a huge number of accessories and attachments.
  • Proudly made by the same manufacturer, who has an amazing reputation and that introduced these new types of male toys to the world way back in 1998.
  • For the extra bit of fun, it can come in a vibrating and interactive version called the FleshJack Vibro and FleshJack Launch.
  • Modelled after several discrete or distinct orifices, like your favourite gay porn star, to us, adds that bit of spice.
  • Easy to mount for a hands-free FleshJack experience.
  • Unlike some male sex toys, it doesn’t have a foul or unpleasant “chemical” smell.
  • For what it is, the FleshJack is ideally priced.

So, a big shout out to one of the all-time best-selling male sex toys on the market right now, and we’ve seriously got to admit that the FleshJack has easily become one of our favourites. “Bottom line”, this Gay “Fleshlight” has everything we think is important in a sensational pleasure product.