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Get ready for the ultimate solo pleasure experience with Sex Toy Australia’s range of masturbators! Our collection of devices is perfect for everyone – from beginners to experienced solo players. It is designed to enhance your solo play experience. Take your solo play to the next level with our innovative devices!

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Masturbators Products

With our masturbators, you can experience mind-blowing orgasms that mimic the sensation of real sex. Our range includes a variety of styles and features to suit all preferences.

Want something simple and easy to use? Try our classic sleeves with textured inner chambers for a great sensation.

Looking for a more realistic experience? Browse our range of life-size vaginas and anuses moulded from real porn stars.

But that's not all! Our masturbators have exciting features. Vibrating functions and textured interiors allow you to customise your solo play.

You can tailor your solo experience to your exact desires. Plus, we have everything you need to keep your toys clean and ready to go every time.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop our range of masturbators now and experience the ultimate pleasure!

Masturbation Sleeves

Get ready to experience a whole new level of pleasure with our amazing selection of masturbation sleeves! These sleeves are designed to give you a realistic feeling like you're having sex.

Our masturbation sleeves come in various styles. These include sleeves with inner chambers for added stimulation and replicas of famous porn stars' private parts. To keep your sleeve clean and ready, don't forget to get Fleshlight Renewing Powder and Fleshwash. You don't want to miss out on this amazing experience!

We offer a variety of prostate massagers for those interested in trying prostate play. These massagers come in different shapes, sizes, and vibration patterns.

You can choose the one that suits your preferences. They have a tapered tip for easy insertion, and some have external stimulation to enhance your experience. Beginners can go for the larger size to locate the prostate gland, while the smaller size provides a more intense feeling.

Sex Toy Australia has the perfect products for solo or couple' play. Whether you want a realistic or new sensation, browse our selection today and take your pleasure to the next level!