Couples Kits

Couples Kits

Experience Thrilling Adventures with Toys for Couples – Available at Sex Toy Australia!

Discover the excitement of shared pleasure with our specially designed kits. At Sex Toy Australia, explore a variety of kits crafted to enhance intimacy and ignite new sensations for couples. Increase your pleasure and create unforgettable moments with our selection of options!

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Our couples' sets are designed with comfort and satisfaction in mind. They provide a range of toys and accessories that cater to the desires and preferences of both partners. With different styles and functions available, you can find the perfect kit to explore new levels of pleasure and connection.

Unleash your imagination and embark on a thrilling journey with our couples kits. It's time to discover new dimensions of pleasure, strengthen your bond, and create lasting memories together!

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Are you ready to elevate your intimate experiences as a couple? Order a couples kit at Sex Toy Australia and prepare for exciting adventures. Our discreet online ordering process ensures your privacy, and our secure packaging guarantees that your items arrive in perfect condition.

Tips for Enjoying Sex Toys for Couples:

  1. Communication is Key: Before using sex toys together, have an open conversation with your partner. Discuss your desires, comfort levels, and expectations. Discuss what you both feel comfortable trying and establish consent and mutual agreement.
  2. Explore Together: Take the time to explore the different sex toys for couples available. Browse the options, read reviews, and discuss which piques your interest.
  3. Start Slowly: If you're new to using sex toys as a couple, start with simpler and less intimidating options. Begin with toys designed for shared pleasure that can enhance foreplay or stimulate erogenous zones. Gradually progress to more adventurous toys as you become more comfortable and experienced.
  4. Experiment with Different Sensations: Variety is the spice of life, and the same applies to sex toys. Explore toys that offer different sensations, such as vibrators, massagers, or toys with varying intensities and speeds. This allows you to discover what feels pleasurable for both partners and adds excitement and novelty to your intimate experiences.
  5. Incorporate Toys into Foreplay: Sex toys can be a fantastic addition to foreplay. Use them to tease and tantalise each other, incorporating them into sensual massages or stimulating erogenous zones. Integrating toys into your prelude can build anticipation and enhance arousal before moving on to more intimate activities.
  6. Mutual Exploration: Don't limit yourself to one partner exclusively using the sex toy on the other. Explore mutual pleasure by taking turns using the toy on each other. This shared experience allows both partners to participate actively, creating a sense of equality and enhancing connection and intimacy.
  7. Clean and Maintain Your Toys: After each use, clean your sex toys properly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Regularly cleaning and maintaining toys helps keep them clean and extends their lifespan. This means you can enjoy them for a longer period of time. Store them in a clean and safe place to maintain their quality.
  8. Respect Boundaries and Comfort Levels: It's crucial to respect each other's boundaries and comfort levels throughout your exploration of sex toys. If at any point one partner feels uncomfortable or wants to stop, communicate openly and honour their feelings. Consent and mutual enjoyment should always be the top priority.

To enjoy sex toys as a couple, be open-minded, respectful, and adventurous. Embrace the journey of exploring together and let the toys enhance your intimate experiences, bringing you closer as a couple.