Rabbit Cockrings

Rabbit Cockrings

Elevate your pleasure and explore new heights of satisfaction with our range of Rabbit Cockrings, available at Sex Toy Australia. They feature a playful design that looks like bunny ears. This adds a touch of excitement and novelty to your intimate encounters.

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This cockring is designed to be worn at the base of the penis, offering benefits for you and your partner. The soft rubber ring fits comfortably, improves blood flow, and helps maintain longer erections. The ears stimulate the clitoris or perineum during sex, giving pleasure to both partners.

In addition to their role during intercourse, rabbit cockrings can be a delightful companion for solo play or masturbation. The ring can be an erotic aid, providing heightened sensations and amplifying your pleasure.

Discover the playful and enticing world of Rabbit Cockrings. Shop our selection at Sex Toy Australia and indulge in the pleasure they offer. With discreet packaging and swift delivery, we prioritise your convenience and confidentiality. Spice up your intimate moments and experience the allure of our Rabbit Cockrings from Sex Toy Australia.

Essential Safety Guidelines for a Positive Cock Ring Experience

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with your cock ring, it's crucial to follow these essential safety guidelines. At Sex Toy Australia, your well-being is our top priority, so here are some important points to keep in mind:

  1. Time Limits: Cock rings should never be worn for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. If you're new to using them, start with shorter durations of 5 or 10 minutes to become accustomed to the sensation. Allow your blood flow to return to normal before wearing it again.
  2. Proper Fit: The cock ring should never feel excessively tight. Remove it immediately if you experience discomfort, pain, numbness, or any unpleasant sensation. Excessive constriction can impede blood flow and potentially harm penile tissue. Consider selecting a larger size or a ring made from softer, more flexible materials.
  3. Watch for Indicators: Pay close attention to any narrowing of the penis where the ring is positioned. Also, be alert if your penis turns red or blue. If you observe these signs, remove the ring immediately and choose a more suitable size or material.
  4. Stay Awake and Sober: It's essential not to fall asleep while wearing a cock ring. Avoid using a cock ring while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Impairment of judgment can increase the risk of accidents or injury.
  5. Trim Pubic Hair: If you plan to use cock rings frequently, contemplate trimming your pubic hair. This can prevent painful tangling when putting on or removing the ring.
  6. Hygiene: Prioritise cleanliness by cleaning your cock ring before and after each use with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. This helps prevent skin irritation and the accumulation of bacteria.

By adhering to these safety tips, you can enjoy your cock ring experience with peace of mind. Remember to explore your limits gradually and always prioritise your comfort and well-being.