Gay Anal Sets

Gay Anal Sets

Anal sets are a combination of anal toys. These products are usually sold separately, but some manufacturers offer them in packages. They can be used as part of your sex life or for masturbation.

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Gay Anal Sets Products

The most common types of anal toys include:

  • Dildos – Dildos are designed to stimulate the anus and rectum. The dildo is inserted into the body and then moved around by hand. Some people use dildos during intercourse while others prefer using them on their own.
  • Vibrators – vibrator is a small device that produces vibrations. It can be used also for anal play.
  • Butt Plugs – Butt plugs are designed to stimulate the prostate gland. They are usually made of silicone and can be inserted into the anus.
  • Strap-Ons – Strap-ons are designed to fit over the head of a male partner. They are typically attached to a harness that holds the strap-on securely in place.
  • Stimulators – Stimulators are devices that produce electric shocks. They are used to provide pain relief during sex.