Bullets & Eggs

Bullets & Eggs

No, not the deadly projectile type. The bullets we are talking about have a completely different purpose and a pleasurable outcome for all involved even in the hands of a novice. These particular toys are generally known to be the most diverse and easy to use of all sex toys due to their size, design and aesthetic appeal.

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Bullets & Eggs Products

The term bullet refers to the size as well as the fact that these multiuse unisex devices deliver a personally controlled, compact yet powerful dose of stimulation to the various erogenous zones on the body.

From masturbatory use or when used in conjunction with other sex play to deliver vibratory stimulation to virtually any sensitive part of the body, these discrete pocket wonders give the desired effect very efficiently indeed. Perfect for those wanting to experiment with sex toys for the first time but not sure where to start. There are many different styles available on the market depending on who is using it, what you are using the toy for and where you are using it.

Small, slimline vibrator-looking types and egg-shaped models are the most recognisable but they also come in Butt plug models wherein they can be inserted into hollow butt plugs to add an extra dimension to anal play also specially designed lingerie can contain built-in bullets.

Other models on the market include Anal Bullets and they can also be referred to as Personal Massagers for discretion. Most come with remote controls, either attached or otherwise, with certain models even having app controls for smartphones to provide remote access control. They are pocket-sized, cylindrical toys ranging from slim to quite thick, usually from 2 to 4 inches in length with speed increments ranging from 1 speed right up to 10 plus speeds.

The Egg models are as the name suggests shaped pretty much like an egg. Most are waterproof due to the nature of their intended use so are safe and fun to use in the bedroom as well as the shower, bathtub and even sauna. As with all sex toys, use the right lubricant for the right toy so as not to diminish the longevity of the product or injure those parties involved.

Styles of Bullets:

  • Vibes
  • Eggs
  • Personal Massagers
  • Batteries