So you’ve decided to introduce toys into your sex play, congratulations!

Congratulations for taking the first step to enhancing your bedroom activities either on your own or with your partner. Not everyone is comfortable enough with their own sexuality to take such a step. With that being said you probably have a preference as to what you’d like to try and there isn’t a thing wrong with doing so. Maybe you’d like a simple vibrator.

Or perhaps take it even further with a we-vibe or beads. Discussion about what youd like to buy with your partner is important to reach a mutual consensus to what you’d both enjoy. Not only that but you may learn something about your partner you never knew! Either way this is an important step. Best way to go about it is to search online to find what you would both enjoy. A decision can be easily made and the next step can be taken.

Gifts can be a different story. It is difficult to pinpoint what another person may enjoy. Its still a doable endeavour nonetheless. Bringing the topic up indirectly is usually the best way to do so and find out all information possible that way If you weren’t so successful doing that then a conservative option may be your next go to move. Even if it isn’t something they don’t like they can trade for something the ultimately want Consideration for storage is your next move.

If its your own ifs reasonably simple as to where you’d like to keep it, just your most private location. But on travels this may be a different scenario. Storage is straightforward but most people like to keep everything very private just in case someone were to stumble across their toys. If the bathroom is your chosen location some careful consideration as to an exact spot should be taken into account. Perhaps a locked container is a good idea as the bathroom is the most likely room in your entire house that random visitors will search through. In closing be sure to read all tips on sex toys before proceeding with your purchase.

Storing your Toys

So, you’ve had some really satisfying fun with your toys, cleaned, dried them off and wiped them down with Antibacterial, anti-fungal & antiviral wipes and are now wondering how best to store them. When it comes time for storing your sex toys there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. The space you have available to store them is an important element as well as whether they need to be hidden away from prying eyes or not and probably the most important component is keeping your toys in hygienic, well maintained order for longevity and incident free future uses.

Depending on the amount of toys you have in your arsenal, applicable storage areas could include the bedside table drawers, under the bed or even in the wardrobe as long as these areas are clean, cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. Some people have even turned blanket boxes into specialised sex toy chests, practical and discreet. Wherever you have chosen as storage must be hygienically clean, it’s imperative to remember that most of these items are foreign objects being introduced into the body and improper storage can cause breakdown in the materials used resulting in harm to the user and possible malfunction of the toy itself.

The general rule you will want to follow is that all your toys should be stored separately in the chosen area. Storing your toys made of similar materials together can cause these toys to breakdown on a chemical level if they rub together which can make them stick to each other, they can discolour from rubbing against each other without a barrier between them and, in extreme cases, cause them to “melt” together to form some type of mutated toy you never intended to own. Porous toys, those made from materials such as silicone, rubber, “jellies” including models like Fleshlights, “realistic” vaginas & anuses, are prolific examples of those that should definitely not rub or rest against each other due to the chemical make-up. These toys should also be rubbed down with Renewal style powders prior to storage to assist with drying of the porous material and to maintain the desired feel of the product.