So you’ve decided to introduce toys into your sex play, congratulations!


Suggestions for Her First Toy

ExternalClitoral VibratorsBulletsPersonal MassagersBlindfolds, Ticklers and Handcuffs
InternalDildosRabbit VibratorRealistic DildosMini Vibrators, Remote Controlled Bullets (attached via cord)


Suggestions for His First Toy

External: ‘Realistics’ (Vagina, Anus and Fleshlights), Sex DollsCock Rings (Vibrating & Non Vibrating), Whips and bondage gear.
InternalButt Plugs (those of a smaller gauge), Anal Wands and beadsProstate MassagersMini Vibrators and Dildos.

Here at Sex Toy Australia we aim to make what can be a somewhat daunting, confusing and overwhelming experience more into an informed, satisfying and comfortable decision so that you can play with confidence. An informed decision is a safe decision.

When choosing your first toy, there can be multiple factors that could possibly come into account and we want to make sure you’ve covered all bases. The main thing you should be thinking about is that it is YOUR decision and no one else’s. It is a very personal decision and not one that should be taken particularly lightly, it is you yourself who will be using it after all. Of course, you can take into consideration your friends or partners recommendations but ultimately YOU are the person with the final say and you should feel comfortable with the choice you make.

Something to think about before making your choice is to take into consideration what you already like in sex play and how you might be able to add to, or heighten, the experience with the addition of a toy. Are you looking for an internal or external toy? If you identify as female, do you enjoy clitoral stimulation, do you prefer vaginal pleasure, are you looking for both or maybe even anal stimulation. If you identify as male, do you prefer penile stimulation, are you more interested in anal excitement or maybe you are focused more on nipple play. Fear not, whomever you are and whatever it is you are looking for, there is definitely something out there to cater to your needs & desires.

Safety is definitely a motivating factor in choosing your first toy as well. If you have allergic reactions to certain substances or chemicals then you need to be sure to research and check reviews on the products you are looking at purchasing. There wouldn’t be much worse than getting your new toy home only to discover that you can’t use it because it’s going to cause you severe discomfort or, heaven forbid, injure you in some way. This would put you off for good and you’d be missing out on a whole range of new & exciting experiences so be aware and be safe

Another suggestion to take on board would be cost. There are a very large range of sex toys available out there ranging from low cost, mid range to quite expensive. Keeping in mind that most of the time you do get what you pay for, when you are searching for your first sex toy you don’t want to splash out and get the most expensive product only to find that when you get it home that it is in no way close to what you were expecting or do what you were seeking it to do.

There is generally a basic, easy to use and competitively priced product in all ranges of toys so don’t be daunted or pressured into buying something that you are going to regret later on or might not be the right one for you. Do your research, check reviews & recommendations on brands and products, read instructions and ensure you are informed. It’s like choosing a new pair of your favourite brand of underwear, each of us has our own personal preference that ticks all the right boxes, that’s how it should be when choosing your first sex toy. Have fun, get excited and play safely.