Before Using Your Sex Toy

  • Fresh batteries are always a great idea. Use them when they are needed Don’t wait
  • With hard surface toys made from rigid materials like glass and metals make sure to inspect it closely to ensure no cracks or abrasions are apparent
  • Make sure to look for discolouration’s This usually means a certain area of the toy is becoming weak or worn and caution should be taken.

When Using Your Sex Toy

  • If you own a toy that is able to change its shape through stretching etc. be sure not to overdo it when disfiguring. This may cause it to lose its shape and rigidity completely.
  • Make sure lubricant are selected carefully. Water based lubricants are good with any toy. Oil based lubricants should not be used with a sex toy that will be used vaginally, or anything that used with rubbers or latex.
  • Condoms are always the best idea for toys that are going to be used with more than one user at a time and especially when used anally and vaginally also. It also stops wear on the toy.

After Using Your Sex Toy

  • It goes without saying a thorough clean once done
  • Be sure to remove any battery operated toys batteries so corrosion doesn’t take place when not in use.
  • And a no brainer storing toys away from each other. We always learnt not to cross contaminate with foods. Same goes with toys.