Hens Night Celebration: Unforgettable Fun and Memories

A Hens Night is held for a woman who is on the brink of marriage. The saying ‘Hens’ is a popularly used term around the world whereas it is known as a ‘Bachelorette party’ in the states. It is normally thrown with the Hens other female companions who would be their brides maids and friends. Finding the right products to suit the theme of the evening is quite crucial and needs to be done properly.

Ben Wa Balls

You may have heard of these discreet internal stimulators in the past albeit by a different name. They are also called Burmese Balls, Orgasm Balls , Jiggle Balls, Venus Balls, Geisha Balls and sometimes Kegel Balls for discretion. Historically created by Japanese culture before their introduction into Greater China, Europe and ultimately now known worldwide, with the help of the fan fiction Fifty Shades trilogy, these little balls are gaining popularity due to their simple, uncomplicated ease of use and also their added ability to train the vagina muscles, specifically the kegel muscles. Not to be confused with Anal beads or the male Anal Kegel exercising balls, these toys are for vaginal use only.

Ben-Wa balls generally consist of two small balls where one is weighted and the other is not. These can either come joined or separate, if joined together then it is usually by a small chain link or possibly even silk ribbon designed for safety and retrieval. Traditionally, they are separate. The balls are gently inserted into the vagina and stimulation is achieved from either direct and purposeful movement of the balls or subtly from going about your day to day life.

There are a range of models available when it comes to the balls ranging from the small, metal weighted balls to ones that have chimes and clappers inside right up to your larger plastic and silicone models. Their spherical design is for stimulation first and foremost but also for safety reasons so in the worst case scenario should they lodge or get stuck there is a definite ease of removal either manually or by bearing down, coughing or lying down and relaxing the vaginal muscles. Gynaecologists and obstetricians are known to endorse the use of Ben-Wa Balls for general vaginal muscle strength, pelvic floor tightening, bladder control and assistance in instances of incontinence.

As with all toys it is best to determine your expectations and comfort level before starting out with these little

wonders. Sexual circles recommend beginners start with the plastic or silicone models as the materials help with the retention of the balls if you are not practiced or have not exercised your kegel muscles in a while. For those advanced in this area then metal and even special glass models can be used.

How do I use the Ben-Wa Balls you ask? Determine which model you are using and select the correct lubricant for application, the incorrect lubricant can damage the toy or diminish its longevity for use. Allow a general amount of lubricant for the toy and vagina being careful not to use too much as this will have the balls accidentally exiting without the desired effect being achieved. Whilst lying down, insert the lighter ball into the vagina first ,don’t panic as there is nowhere else for it to go and the furthest it can go in is to the cervix. After successfully inserting the first ball repeat with the weighted ball until they “meet” and use your vaginal muscles to now hold them in place.

When you are comfortable with your level of control and you feel you have trained your muscles enough to retain the balls for longer periods of time then it is move up to the larger designs. There is no limit to where or when you can have these pocket rockets working for you. You are in control.

Styles Of Ben-Wa Balls

Metal: Generally made from Surgical Steel or brass, these models can be naturally weighted or have weighting added in manufacture. They are the smoothest and more hygienic of the styles.

Glass: Very similar to the metal styles but more often than not they are larger to allow for the weight difference

Silicone/Plastic: Recommended for beginners, these models are softer, quicker and easier to remove as they usually come with a string attachment.