Je Joue

Product Description

The worlds most beautiful sex-toy for internal, external and G-spot pleasure A finalist in the Spark Design Awards 2015, Uma is a beautifully contoured and versatile vibrator for multi-level pleasure. Uma is designed with a motor set to a low frequency to give our signature Je Joue oh-so-low rumbling vibrations. With 5 speeds and 7 patterns, Uma offers a wide range of vibrations from a gentle purr to a deep rumble. Product Features 5 Speeds 7 Patterns Quiet Bodysafe Waterproof Rechargable How it Works Turning Uma on and off - and changing the pattern Uma has 5 versatile vibration levels, from a low subtle rumble to intense and powerful finish + 7 different pulsing vibrations. For vibration, hold + for 2 seconds to turn Uma on. To increase vibration, click +. There are 5 levels of vibrations to choose from. To change from a constant vibration to a pulse vibration, click the ~ (middle button) there are 7 different pulse vibration patterns. To decrease vibration click -. To turn Uma off, hold for 2 seconds. Charging your Uma To charge your Uma, please place the charger directly over the Umas buttons and youll feel the magnets pull it into place (Uma charges through its buttons). When charging the light will flash. When fully charged the light will stay on, until the charger is removed from the buttons. Creative Tips Umas sleek shape allows for a great introduction to your bodys natural curves, whether externally or internally. Thanks to its length and bulbuous shape you can easily stimulate your G-spot and reach deeper vaginal pleasure points. Uma is also great used as a clitoral vibrator during sex. Use the tip to tease, fit the toy against your labial area, or turn its curvaceous form to create wonderfully different sensations. You can even take Uma for a tour all over your, or your partners body.