Tiger G5

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Product Description

Tiger Wild at heart His territory is the urban jungle.  Tiger G5  is the perfect companion with which to wander the narrow streets and courtyards, illuminated by the neon advertisement lights. In the rambling city parks he rules his city jungle, every day a new experience always on the hunt for a little bit of fun, to escape the routine and find his next erotic adventure. He makes a dangerously attractive first impression, but really  Tiger G5  is a pussycat. With the ergonomic  Press fun to play  control element, he obeys every command by the push of a button, to pleasure gently or wildly. Bit by bit  Tiger G5  is passionately inserted and each ridge passes release the beast in him and her. The massive base means  Tiger G5  is also safe for anal forays and powerfully massages the clitoris or perineum. The curved toy end on  Tiger G5  pleasures the G-spot  in a woman and the prostate in a man. Smooth and sleek like a cat of prey, the particularly pliable shaft made of medical-grade silicone  can thanks to the unique FlexiFUN Technology adapt to the body's shape and any imaginable position. So he's sure to reach even the most hidden passion points with powerful vigor. With a total of 12 vibration programs,  Tiger G5, just like a real tiger in the wild is quiet when on the hunt whether on a solo tour or with a partner. The ergonomic control unit loop, with a little cutout in the handle, rests perfectly in the user's hand. With an index finger looped through the silver ring to hold it, the toy rests in the palm and the three touch buttons of the  Press fun to play  controls can be intuitively controlled using a thumb. The navigation is easy and comfortable with the + and buttons. The red Fun button starts and stops  Tiger G5's amorous tour of discovery with just one click. The powerful motor of the generation 5  vibrator is designed to allow more energy into the silicone shaft. The intense vibrations are distributed without losing any drop in strength throughout the entire shaft and right up to the tip of the toy. A battery level display ensures that  Tiger G5  doesn't lose sight of his goal at just the wrong moment. The QuickSTOP function using the Fun button stops any secret adventures in half a second. Plus the key lock means  Tiger G5  can leave home and explore his natural habitat, traveling the world discreetly in a handbag or suitcase. And totally unusual for cats, he loves swimming because this waterproof vibrator can be completely submerged and promises thrills under the waves. By the way this  Tiger G5  isn't into stripes. Instead he enchants in bright india red, powerful petrol and racy violet.     In Summary: Big:  impressive, rechargeable vibrator Strong:  Optimized distribution of vibrations through the shaft right to the toy end 25% more intensity FlexiFUN Technology: Particularly flexible shaft made of stable silicone which readily adapts to the body and its movements. For a pleasant focus on all the body's erogenous hot spots and for a variety of positions for Her and Him Powerful:  6 vibration rhythms and 6 vibration intensities Deep frequency, yet very quiet motor Powerful structuring around the shaft for intense stimulation during insertion The curved tip intensely stimulates the G-spot and prostate The wide toy base pleasures the clitoris or the perineum and makes  Tiger G5  safe for anal games Particularly comfortable hold by inserting index finger through the opening in the Loop handle Suitable for both right and left handers Intuitive control with the thumb:  Press fun to play! QuickSTOP: fast switch off with Fun button Key lock for safe transport Battery level display Easily rechargeable with the magnetic charging cable (USB magnetic charger)  included 100% waterproof inch Made in Germanyinch Medical-grade silicone free of harmful substances and odor Velvety smooth surface Easy to clean with toycleaner  or water and a mild soap Size: 21.7 cm - ƒ ˜ 4 cm In India Red, Petrol and Violet White control unit loop