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Lust Pumper 8" Pump W/ Gauge (Mouth) (Black) – Sex Toy Australia

Lust Pumper 8" Pump W/ Gauge (Mouth) (Black)

Lust Pumper
$80.95 $149.95
Lust Pumper is a tube that fittered over the penis, with the pump aimed to create a partial vacuum around the penis, enlarge it as blood is drawn in. It has an incredible suction, which provides maximum stimulation and pleasure. This pumps comes with a realistic mouth sleeve that is made from non-tacky formula material alike to the human skin. These arouse your sensations during use for intense stimulation. Features 8" (20cm) Mouth Sleeve Large Suction Tube Pressure Release Valve Trigger Suction Handle Superior Material That Gives You The Most Realistic Feel