Product Description

Experience luxurious passion with the exclusive Echo. Perfectly curved to hold in the palm of your hand, Echo glides smoothly all over for absolute pleasure. The seductive style and simple speed selection will allow you to experience everything from quiet seduction to strong sensations. The powerful battery will give you hours of bliss on a single charge. The 100% green technology will blow you away with the satisfaction of knowing that your choice for pleasure is a healthy one, too. Echo can be held in your palm or shared with a lovers touch to satisfy your thirst for even more sensual experiences, and so quiet you wont be able to hear. Product Features: - Perfectly curved - Petite in size with smooth surface - Green material - Noiseless - Rechargeable - 5 Vibration Modes - 5 Intensities - Size: 88mm ƒ — 39mm ƒ — 30mm                                                                   - Weight: 38g