B Balls

Fun Factory

Product Description

Two balls of graduated size are passionately inserted anally, segment by segment like anal beads. With every movement, the small weights inside of the B BALLS create reactive sensations depending on the bodys activity, allowing intensity ranging from gentle to powerful. There is no other toy like it! The movement of the toys weights does not require any electrical power and it delivers pleasure for hours whether during intercourse with a partner and / or sextoy or as a little secret you carry around during the day. The B BALLS get to work without making a sound and thanks to their narrow base, they can be worn discreetly beneath the users clothes. Due to their size, B BALLS are perfect for intermediate or expert anal players; they create a satisfying sense of being inchœfilled upinch. Special Features: For lovers of extra anal stimulation Suitable for all sexes Wonderful sensation of fullness Rotating inner balls follow the motions of the user Can be discreetly and invisibly worn Endow HER and HIM with a inchœfilledinch feeling Sensational extra kick during sex Ideal for pairs Narrow base is 100% safe and secure; doesnt hinder access to any erogenous zones Totally quiet use B BALLS when and where you want Suitable for foreplay and preparing for bigger fun Perfect for intermediate to advanced users 2 year guarantee inchœMada in Germanyinch 100% medical-grade silicone and body-friendly ASB plastic, odourless Easy to clean with TOYCLEANER or water and a milk soap Size of balls: 3.2cm small ball, 3.6 cm big ball Starting right with the insertion of the balls, even the most experienced users feel erotically stimulated by the tapered silicone balls. The B BALLS are joined by a flexible yet stable silicone connector that makes insertion a pure pleasure. Water-based lubricant is recommended for use with B BALLS. This hybrid product (part anal beads part butt plug) has the unique added benefit of reacting to the users motions using its rotating inner weights. The rotating weights in the B BALLS are set in motion with every movement, releasing arousing sensations for hour all without a motor! They are totally quiet and the narrow base cant be detected under clothes, so B BALLS can be worn discreetly in public as an erotic secret! During intercourse, B BALLS can hardly be stopped and release waves of ecstasy in HER and HIM. The wilder the lovemaking, the more intense and thrilling the rotations of the balls as they follow the bodys rhythms. When HE wears the B BALLS, he enjoys an invigorating massage of the anus and prostate. When SHE wears them, HE will feel how wonderfully tight SHE becomes as a result. For HER, the B BALLS also provide pleasant massage sensations and anal stimulation during vaginal intercourse. B BALLS can be easily removed and cleaned with mild soap or TOY CLEANER.