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Cleaning your Toys – Sex Toy Australia

Cleaning your Toys

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to cleaning your toys, making sure that they are hygienic, sanitised and ready for use when you are in the mood for that extra stimulation in your sex play. Maintaining clean and disinfected toys helps prevent bacterial infection to the party that it is being used on, ensures antifungal properties are adhered to and perhaps the most important being the non transmission of STI’s or Sexually Transmitted Infections whether using condoms on the selected device or not. You want to make sure that all parties involved enjoy the experience and knowing that you have a hygienically cleaned cache of toys certainly goes a long way to putting your mind at ease and focus can be directed on getting the best from your toys, extending the longevity and functionality of the selected plaything. There are few things that you will need to consider when it comes time to clean your toy. First and foremost is to know what the item is made from and if it is waterproof, this helps immensely when cleaning as it is an indicator of the type of cleaner that can be used and where it may be cleaned. In this instance, it is recommended that you check the materials of the toy at the time of purchase and purchasing a compatible cleaner at the same time. Depending on where you store your toys, and how many you keep in your arsenal, you might opt to put compatible toys and cleaners in the same space so that clean up is easy, accessible and efficient. With a vast range of cleaners available on the market from sprays, powders & creams to wipes, conditioners and gels it can get a little confusing which to use on what device so we here at Sex Toy Australia have tried to simplify things for you and put together a recommended checklist


Plastic Toys

Those such as your generic, readily available vibrators with the hard outer casing of plastic are generally easily cleaned in warm, not hot, water with an antibacterial soap. If the toy is not waterproof then care will need to be taken around the area where the seal is. If water does enter the toy, it can rust the inner working and render the toy useless to the purpose it was designed for possibly causing infection in the event of the toy being used after rusting occurs. After a complete and thorough clean & rinse, remove batteries or detach remote control and dry off with a fleece wipe, air dry then use either an antibacterial, antifungal & antiviral spray or wipe as after care. These sprays and wipes kill viruses & bacterial while protecting the toy from fungi or moulds that could form.

Rubber Toys

As with your Jelly toys, rubber styles are porous but are generally firmer & heavier without much flex at all, those like your butt plugs, anal wands & dongs. With their make up being much like those of the jelly variety, rubber toys should be taken care of in a similar way. Washing in warm water with antibacterial soap, air drying or using an antistatic cloth to dry off the toy then finishing with your antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral sprays & wipes. It should be noted that toys made of rubber can cause allergic reaction to individuals who have an allergy to latex so always do your research and communicate with your chosen sexual partner as well.

Silicone Toys

These toys, considered to be preferable to jelly or rubber styles, due to their non-porous nature, their durability and hypoallergenic material making them easier to clean and sterilise as well as being considerably longer lasting in terms of “lifespan” of the toy and let’s face it ,who wants a toy that doesn’t last! Being that these style of toys take on body heat, they can be a little more comfortable for the user as well. They can be fully immersed in warm water, if they are nonelectrical or battery operated, using antibacterial soap as a cleaning agent. Some customers have even been to known to boil these models in hot water for up to 3 minutes due to the nature of their use (butt plugs, anal wands) but this can decrease the longevity of the product. After washing, preferably dry off the product with an antistatic cloth so as not to leave any fluff behind and ensure that you pay close attention to any “folds” or ridges in the product as incorrect cleaning procedures can cause moulds and other bacteria to grow in these crevices. They may also be air dried out of direct sunlight. It is a must to use your antibacterial, antifungal & antiviral sprays or wipes after drying to prevent infections and possible injury when using in the future.

Jelly Toys

These toys are those made from a porous rubber material that you can usually see through such as dongs, cock rings, ticklers etc. Due to the material being porous or “spongy” there is the need for a little more attention to detail when cleaning these types of toys. If they are not correctly cleaned, dried and stored they have the potential to degrade quite quickly. Wash in a solution of warm, again not hot, water and antibacterial soap, rinse completely then leave to either air dry in a spot out of direct sunlight or wipe down thoroughly with a non static cloth as some fabrics can leave fluff behind. Due to the nature of the materials used in manufacturing these “jellies” sometimes, after washing & drying, small amounts of moisture can remain in the product so it is best to use your antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral sprays & wipes to avoid any contaminants remaining behind.

Acrylic or Glass Toys

Known to be the firmest and most hard wearing of the sex toy styles due to their manufacturing materials. These models are generally the easiest to clean as they do not have a porous surface that will retain liquids of any description. Washing your Acrylic or glass toys is simply a matter of bathing them in a solution of warm water and antibacterial soap, ensuring you pay attention to any ridges or bumps as this is where bacteria can lurk. Dry these toys with either a cloth or air dry out of direct sunlight then use your antibacterial, antifungal & antiviral sprays or wipes.


These are the toys that feel like real skin to the touch, things like fleshlights or “realistic” vagina and anus models. These models can be a little tricky to clean due to the materials used in manufacturing but are well worth the investment. Use warm water and antibacterial soaps to clean inside as well as the outside of your realistic toys. Drying with a non fluff cloth is recommended due to the “stickiness” of the surface material then leave to air dry out of direct sunlight. Use your antibacterial, antifungal & antiviral sprays and wipes with an added step of dusting with Renewal Powder to maintain the realistic feeling these toys offer, never substitute Renewal Powder with talc or any other type of powder as these can cause damage to the toy as well as possible complications to the user in future use. As a final note in the cleaning and maintenance of your toys, it is recommended that you do not use alcohol based cleaners with toys made from latex, rubber, silicone or realistic styles as this can greatly diminish the materials used in the making of these toys which can lead to leaching of chemicals in turn causing injury or infection in future uses.

Toy Cleaning


  • Cleaning Sprays
  • Cleaning Wipes
  • Renewal Powders
  • Antibacterial Soap
  • Cloth Towels & Antistatic Cloths