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GLASS TOYS – Sex Toy Australia



Glass toys are quickly becoming a trend but many of you still have questions surrounding the use and safety of such toys for personal intimacy. The consensus is that glass can be breakable and there is a fear for women that using glass toys is dangerous.

In the light of this we will be explaining to benefits of glass toys over the more conventional types and diving deeper into why glass is more effective for sex play. While there are some cons there are far more benefits. Read on…


For thousands of years high temperature glass has been used dating back to the BC ages which should be enough to fill you with confidence knowing its history. The art form of heated glass is well and truly perfected during this time.

High temperature glass has been used in an array of different industries for different reasons. One of those being for example ear stretching and body modification. High temp glass is used for this type of thing due to it being almost indestructible, hypoallergenic, hygienic and very easily inserted using lubricants. We couldn’t tell you how many occasions we have seen ear stretch modified glass pop out of the ear after conditioning the treated area and hit concrete. The thing here is we have never seen them break, chip or even mark.


Most people with different types of toys generally keep them well maintained and well treated. Glass is very easy to maintain and the only way you will be able to cause any damage will be with actual intention to cause damage.


Although tempered glass is extremely strong the vibrator ranges are a little different. Glass vibrators need a hollowed centre for wiring reasons and small motors. Due to this internal space being hollowed they aren’t as durable as the solid glass toys. In saying that it is extremely rare that they would break, as long as you are purchasing from well known brands.


As glass is non-porous as a material not only are they highly durable due to this but they are more hypoallergenic and hygienic for those with intolerances to plastics and latex. Another upside to the glass is that you can use any type of lubricant base and clear with ease using any type of disinfectant without fear of damage or wear. Also additionally to this their diversity with repelling infections etc. enables you to be very flexible with who you use it with. If you intend on using with multiple partner’s glass options are far more effective for worry against disease such as HIV as pathogen transfers are completely destroyed in cleaning.


Studies have shown glass toys are more effective for finding G-spots due to their ability to glide and the utilization of powerful lubricants the intensify gliding. Tempered glass also maintains its cool nature and that temperature difference adds to the experience.


With frequent use it is worth noting tempered glass has a distinct advantage. Wear with conventional materials like latex and silicone have a life of around 4 years while glass toys are generally around the 10+ year mark. Additionally, to that guests stumbling upon a glass structure are far less likely to draw to immediate conclusion as they are less confronting when unwanted eyes are on them.


Glass toy price ranges start from around $30.00 being very affordable and also range up to $400.00 due to their quality and higher end pieces. If you are one to be picky about aesthetic objects, then glass toys are probably for you. You can have the orgasm with the beautiful piece, it is possible!