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Glass toys are quickly becoming a trend but many of you still have questions surrounding the use and safety of such toys for personal intimacy. The consensus is that glass can be breakable and there is a fear for women that using glass toys is dangerous. In the light of this we will be explaining to benefits of glass toys over the more conventional types and diving deeper into why glass is more effective for sex play. While there are some cons there are far more benefits. Read on…   For thousands of years high temperature glass has been used dating back to the BC ages which should be enough to fill you with confidence knowing its history. The art form of heated glass is well and truly perfected during this time. High temperature glass has been used in an array of different industries for different reasons. One of those being for example ear stretching and body modification. High temp glass is used for this type of thing due to it being almost indestructible, hypoallergenic, hygienic and very easily inserted using lubricants. We couldn’t tell you how many occasions we have seen ear stretch modified glass pop out of the ear after conditioning the treated area and hit concrete. The thing here is we have never seen them break, chip or even mark.   Most people with different types of toys generally keep them well maintained and well treated. Glass is very easy to maintain and the only way you will be able to cause any damage will be with actual intention to cause damage.   Although tempered glass is extremely strong the vibrator ranges are a little different. Glass vibrators need a hollowed centre for wiring reasons and small motors. Due to this internal space being hollowed they aren’t as durable as the solid glass toys. In saying that it is extremely rare that they would break, as long as you are purchasing from well known brands.   As glass is non-porous as a material not only are they highly durable due to this but they are more hypoallergenic and hygienic for those with intolerances to plastics and latex. Another upside to the glass is that you can use any type of lubricant base and clear with ease using any type of disinfectant without fear of damage or wear. Also additionally to this their diversity with repelling infections etc. enables you to be very flexible with who you use it with. If you intend on using with multiple partner’s glass options are far more effective for worry against disease such as HIV as pathogen transfers are completely destroyed in cleaning.   Studies have shown glass toys are more effective for finding G-spots due to their ability to glide and the utilization of powerful lubricants the intensify gliding. Tempered glass also maintains its cool nature and that temperature difference adds to the experience.   With frequent use it is worth noting tempered glass has a distinct advantage. Wear with conventional materials like latex and silicone have a life of around 4 years while glass toys are generally around the 10+ year mark. Additionally, to that guests stumbling upon a glass structure are far less likely to draw to immediate conclusion as they are less confronting when unwanted eyes are on them.   Glass toy price ranges start from around $30.00 being very affordable and also range up to $400.00 due to their quality and higher end pieces. If you are one to be picky about aesthetic objects, then glass toys are probably for you. You can have the orgasm with the beautiful piece, it is possible!

Anal Sex

We recently had a client come through our customer care portal looking for lubricant to assist with anal play describing her current experiences as “excruciatingly painful” with her partner. In this case products do exist to assist with reducing sensitivity but there is no magic cure per say. Now we are happy to share experiences that have led to anal experiences being far smoother and more pleasurable. This relates to either gender and are aimed at those looking to dive deeper into anal play.   Just relax: Just make sure you go with the flow. Being tense and stressed during the experience only makes for a tense experience. Having fun with anal play is paramount! Anal training and foreplay:You shouldn’t just dive right in. Working your way up with anal sex is hugely important. Rimming and anal foreplay is a great way to start and having some butt toys is an exciting experience. Ask us how you can get either a start or move to the next level with your experiences as everybody is different. What if he pulls his penis out and it’s dirty?This is a hugely common question and from experienced partakers there are a couple of answers to this. Number 1: If you are looking to do anal then you must understand the possibility of this is likely and you must be ok with it. Number 2: Preparation is key, clean your backside prior to eradicate this possibility as much as possible. If you and your partner are not ok with the possibility of it being ‘dirty’ then this will only result in anxiety and tension in our before mentioned points. That then brings u to the next point… A supportive partner:Communication is very important and being vocal prior will ensure a smoother experience. Voicing anything that potentially is a pain point or you’re self conscious about is a great start. Be prepared!This one is a no brainer, a good quality lubricant is going to be a step in the right direction. Silicone based lubes are a great way to go as they are not absorbed by the body and meaning re-application isn’t necessary. Water based lubes are generally sticky and not as dense making them a less productive item for butt play. Get to know your own butt through self-exploration:Understanding your body is going to allow you to know your limitations. We are a great advocate for females and males to know your own capabilities so this can then be communicated. Just another way to release that anxiety and tension also. Anal sex is pleasurable:Anal sex mostly is associated with pain and discomfort when this does not have to be the case. Anal sex is highly pleasurable and one just needs to understand their pain signals to ensure a smoother experience. Anal tears, bleeding and difficulties going to the toilet are only some of the issues that can occur by ignoring this. Anal tightness and fullness is normal, however if pain is felt your body will thank you for slowing down or simply stopping. If you would like to know how our products can help you just drop us a question and we will be happy to assist you J.  


Its science that masturbating has health benefits.   Studies that have been performed that 32% of Australians masturbate once or twice a week. The alarming thing about those numbers is they seem quite low and the feel good benefits that come with the exercise can be increased with an increase in those numbers. “Masturbation is part of a healthy sex life,” stated by Gloria Brame, Ph.D., a clinical sexoligist. We have listed 5 reasons why masturbating is super healthy. Just like an anyday activity like eating to live, you should masturbate. The list starts with… It Prevents Cancer! Studies have shown In Australia that males who masturbate more than 5 times a week were less likely to contract testicular cancer. If that’s not reason enough we aren’t sure what is! Disease-causing toxins build up in your urogenital tract and when you masturbate, you flush the bad toxins out of your system, says Brame. It helps you last longer. Masturbating before sex can help you last longer, while also giving you more control in the sack, says Brame. You can train yourself for the occasion. If its taking you 70 strokes to reach orgasm, next time try for 80. Or you can time it. If its taking you 2 minutes, try for 3 minutes next time. Practice makes perfect, right? It makes you harder. Ageing is the ugly brother to losing what you got. The old saying ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’ is very much part of the process. Masturbating is an exercise for your pelvic floor and prevents erectile dysfunction and incontinence. Train yourself to be longer and stronger. It ups your immunity. It is proven that orgasm/ejaculation gives a release of hormone cortisol which is normally associated with stress and wreaking havoc on a persons well being. While that is the case in high levels ejaculation actually helps regulate your immunity in small doses. It boosts your mood. Ejaculation releases all the feel-good stuff like dopamine and oxytocin that lift your mood and spirits, increase your satisfaction and activate the reward circuits in your brain. A brain scan of ejaculation looks like to a heroin addicts. It is the best non-drug related release a person can have.

Cock Ring

Myth #1: The cock ring is only for a guy who can’t get an erection… Not the case! Cock Rings can certainly assist guys with erectile dysfunction but also aid for the guy who looks for a performance advantage.  It isn’t just an advantage for you but your partner can enjoy the sensation of the soft cushioning of the ring. You will enjoy a stiffer erection while the testicles sit forward for extra stimulation.   Myth #2: The Cock Ring must be super tight to work… Nup! Tight Cock Rings can be too intrusive and not allow for a comfortable fit. It is more advantageous for the ring to sit comfortably with the strangling of it being too tight. For most this will be the case and also can come down to personal preference.   Myth #3: The best Cock Rings are made from metal… No! Metal Cock rings should be avoided for a couple of reasons. We would not recommend them as sizing is very difficult to get perfect. Even in some cases where sizing is not the issue, the release in many cases may need to be removed professionally by a doctor! Ouch! If you do choose to go metal we recommend extra caution with use J   Myth #4: All stretched Cock Rings are the same… Not the case! There are different mediums of material. TPR will stretch the most and more so than Silicone.

Hens night

A Hens Night is held for a woman who is on the brink of marriage. The saying ‘Hens’ is a popularly used term around the world whereas it is known as a ‘Bachelorette party’ in the states. It is normally thrown with the Hens other female companions who would be their brides maids and friends. Finding the right products to suit the theme of the evening is quite crucial and needs to be done properly.  Ben Wa Balls You may have heard of these discreet internal stimulators in the past albeit by a different name. They are also called Burmese Balls, Orgasm Balls , Jiggle Balls, Venus Balls, Geisha Balls and sometimes Kegel Balls for discretion. Historically created by Japanese culture before their introduction into Greater China, Europe and ultimately now known worldwide, with the help of the fan fiction Fifty Shades trilogy, these little balls are gaining popularity due to their simple, uncomplicated ease of use and also their added ability to train the vagina muscles, specifically the kegel muscles. Not to be confused with Anal beads or the male Anal Kegel exercising balls, these toys are for vaginal use only. Ben-Wa balls generally consist of two small balls where one is weighted and the other is not. These can either come joined or separate, if joined together then it is usually by a small chain link or possibly even silk ribbon designed for safety and retrieval. Traditionally, they are separate. The balls are gently inserted into the vagina and stimulation is achieved from either direct and purposeful movement of the balls or subtly from going about your day to day life. There are a range of models available when it comes to the balls ranging from the small, metal weighted balls to ones that have chimes and clappers inside right up to your larger plastic and silicone models. Their spherical design is for stimulation first and foremost but also for safety reasons so in the worst case scenario should they lodge or get stuck there is a definite ease of removal either manually or by bearing down, coughing or lying down and relaxing the vaginal muscles. Gynaecologists and obstetricians are known to endorse the use of Ben-Wa Balls for general vaginal muscle strength, pelvic floor tightening, bladder control and assistance in instances of incontinence. As with all toys it is best to determine your expectations and comfort level before starting out with these little wonders. Sexual circles recommend beginners start with the plastic or silicone models as the materials help with the retention of the balls if you are not practiced or have not exercised your kegel muscles in a while. For those advanced in this area then metal and even special glass models can be used. How do I use the Ben-Wa Balls you ask? Determine which model you are using and select the correct lubricant for application, the incorrect lubricant can damage the toy or diminish its longevity for use. Allow a general amount of lubricant for the toy and vagina being careful not to use too much as this will have the balls accidentally exiting without the desired effect being achieved. Whilst lying down, insert the lighter ball into the vagina first ,don’t panic as there is nowhere else for it to go and the furthest it can go in is to the cervix. After successfully inserting the first ball repeat with the weighted ball until they “meet” and use your vaginal muscles to now hold them in place. When you are comfortable with your level of control and you feel you have trained your muscles enough to retain the balls for longer periods of time then it is move up to the larger designs. There is no limit to where or when you can have these pocket rockets working for you. You are in control. Styles Of Ben-Wa Balls Metal : Generally made from Surgical Steel or brass, these models can be naturally weighted or have weighting added in manufacture. They are the smoothest and more hygienic of the styles. Glass : Very similar to the metal styles but more often than not they are larger to allow for the weight difference Silicone/Plastic : Recommended for beginners, these models are softer, quicker and easier to remove as they usually come with a string attachment.

Anal Toys

Anal Toys for Beginners: Finding Your Hot Spot Anal stimulation may be intensely satisfying and enjoyable, but nevertheless, it could also be quite intimidating if you’ve never experimented with it before. Using a Butt Plug: Butt plugs are shaped like a cone, graduating in size, and starting small. They can be designed to sit and usually have a slimmer section in a flared base as well as the bottom to keep it in place while you play. They stimulate the sensitive internal and external nerve endings, for intense sensations during sex or masturbation and will stretch the anus. Insert more of it as you feel comfortable until you reach the slim neck, with all the flared base resting externally. After that you can keep the plug inside you while you use other forms of stimulation, or have sex. It can remain inside you for up to many hours while you move or play around, however we recommend that you just take it out at least every hour. Using Anal Beads: Anal beads are a fantastic strategy to introduce yourself to anal play and experience it gently and slowly until you get comfortable. They're easy and smooth and round to insert, and many start small and get larger which allows you to adjust to the size in your own time. Your anal beads as well as liberally lubricate yourself, and then push the first bead inside you. They might be left in for additional stimulation during masturbation or sex, and could be pulled out at the point of orgasm to intensify and heighten the sensation. Many anal beads have a loop or handle in the end to prevent them from slipping all the way in, but if you determine to use a model with no handle make sure that you leave at least two beads beyond your body in order you could easily remove it. It removes any residues and flushes water through the anus draws the water back out, leaving it clean. Fill the bulb with lukewarm water up, then lubricate the tip of your anus as well as the douche. We recommend doing this over a toilet or when standing in shower or a bath. Squeeze the bulb gently for a slower flow of water, and more for faster flow. Remove it and hold in until you feel the urge to let it out the water. You ought to repeat this process several times until the water you're expelling runs clear. Take it the first time and stop when it hurts at any point and readjust the angle of your body for the tip of the douche. Lubrication: when using any sort of anal toy Anal lube is an absolute necessity. When moving around with butt plugs or other toys inside your quality lube will prevent discomfort. At Sex Toy Australia, we have a fantastic range of specially designed anal lubes that can help you relax and enjoy comfortable, safe and fulfilling anal play. Cleaning and Hygiene: Keep things ultra-hygienic and clean while you experiment with anal toys to prevent mess and bacterial build up. Use an anal douche about 45 minutes before play for a thorough cleanse, and make sure all excess fluids have been expelled by your body before penetrating. Use condoms on your own toys, especially in the event you plan to use any of them for both anal and vaginal penetration. It's going to prevent infections, the build-up of bacteria and make them easier to clean. We advise that you simply use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner in your anal toys before and following use, to maintain safety and optimum hygiene. Butt Plugs You're obligated to find the best butt plug for your toy collection here at Sex Toy Australia: we've slender and slim trainers for large, inflatable, and vibrating plugs for the more advanced and your first venture into anal play. You have the choice between simple and functional no-frills designs, or trying something fashionable and extra stimulating like stainless steel or glass Choose From our Large Range We've a huge selection of butt plugs in shape, every size and colour, and with a multitude of functionalities and extra features for you to experiment with. For first-timers, we advise that you just start slim and small, and gradually work your way up to larger sizes if you want something a bit more filling. Our collection includes high-grade plastic, rubber and silicone plugs which are flexible, smooth, and easy to clean, as well as stainless steel and glass plugs that may deliver some sensations that are intense. Sizes: Our products range from 2cm all in width the way up to 7cm, with varying lengths. Butt Plugs 101: Using Them the Right Way Butt plugs may be enjoyable and fulfilling, and are known to enhance orgasms while you play by stimulating your most intimate areas. By arousing your sensitive internal and external nerve endings, they can deliver mind-blowing sensations while you have sex or masturbate, or when used together with other toys. To use your butt plug, start by applying a liberal amount of lubricant to yourself and the plug. Position yourself comfortably is the best way to start is either bent over on all fours, lying in your back using a cushion under your bottom as well as your legs spread, or squatting in your feet or knees. Butt plugs can be used by you with other forms of intercourse and stimulation, and you may also try moving it in and out of you for a distinctive thrill or grinding against it. You can keep your butt plug inserted at a time for up to many hours. We recommend that you just take it out at least every hour. Important Tips You may want to work your way up with foreplay or other forms of stimulation to it as the more relaxed and aroused you are, the easier it's going to be to insert. - It might be difficult to penetrate the first time....