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Sex Toy Australia is a safe space where you can delve into all your sexual fantasies and find those special items that are going to spice up your life in the bedroom (and various other places). Whether you’re naughty or nice, our online store has a number of adult toys that will appeal to your raunchy side and help uncover your innate animal instinct. We sell a mixture of items that deliver soft, sensual pleasure and others that provide a more vigorous and intense experience. We have playful products both for couples and for solo use – all guaranteed to provide maximum satisfaction, regardless of your personal situation.

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Fun Sex Facts

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The tingling, sexual sensation derived from nipple play travels to the same part of the brain as those sensations from the vagina, clitoris and penis. Viagra was first released in 1998 making the company over $410 million in the first 3 months of releas...

Sex Toy Safety

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Sex Toy Safety The risks are low but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precaution when using your sex toys. Here are a few tips to keep you from harms way. Before Using Your Sex Toy Fresh batteries are always a great idea. Use them when they are ne...

Sex Toy Cleaning Tips

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Sex Toy Cleaning Tips It is extremely important hygiene is maintained throughout the life of your toysIt is extremely important hygiene is maintained throughout the life of your toys. It goes without saying that cleaning them is vital and following thes...

Cleaning Your Toys

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Cleaning Your Toys Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to cleaning your toys, making sure that they are hygienic, sanitised and ready for use when you are in the mood for that extra stimulation in your sex play.Maintaining clean and disinfe...

Choosing Your First Toy

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Choosing Your First Toy So you’ve decided to introduce toys into your sex play, congratulations! Suggestions for Her First ToyExternal: Clitoral Vibrators, Bullets, Personal Massagers, Blindfolds, Ticklers and Handcu...

Sex Toys Advise

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Sex Toys Advise So you’ve decided to introduce toys into your sex play, congratulations! Congratulations for taking the first step to enhancing your bedroom activities either on your own or with your partner. Not everyone is comfortable enough with th...

A Guide to Anal Sex

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A Guide to Anal Sex Enhancing Anal Play Experience | Tips for Smoother PleasureWe recently had a client come through our customer care portal looking for lubricant to assist with anal play describing her current experiences as “excruciatingly painful...

Hens Night

hens night

Hens Night Celebration: Unforgettable Fun and Memories A Hens Night is held for a woman who is on the brink of marriage. The saying ‘Hens’ is a popularly used term around the world whereas it is known as a ‘Bachelorette party’ in the states. It ...

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